Kalibre can help you fully realise your investment

With years of experience in deploying network, systems and application management and automation software in enterprises of all sizes, Kalibre can help you to fully realise your investment and achieve rapid return on investment.  Through both fixed price and time and materials based consulting engagements Kalibre works with your organisation to ensure that the deployed solution fits with your business requirements.

Our consultants have ITIL certifications in addition to certifications in Micro Focus network and systems management applications, and engage in regular and ongoing professional development to ensure a high level of competency.

Kalibre has core skills in a range of Micro Focus software solutions, including:

  • Operations Manager;
  • Operations Manager i-Series;
  • Operations Smart Plug-ins;
  • Reporter and Performance Manager;
  • Sitescope;
  • Operations Orchestration;
  • Storage Essentials;
  • Network Node Manager;
  • NNMi Smart Plug-ins;
  • Network Automation;
  • Performance Insight & Report Packs;
  • Arcsight Logger;
  • Data Protector.

To discuss your requirements with one of our consultants please contact us at sales@kalibre.com.au.


Turn-Key Solutions

Kalibre can provide services encompassing the full breadth of solution implementation, including:

• Requirements analysis and workshopping;
• Solution architecture and design;
• Implementation and deployment;
• Training;
• Support;

Backed by our proven deployment methodology, we have a proven track record in delivering solutions that are not only on time and on budget, but deliver real value to the business.

Support Programs

Enterprise monitoring solutions rarely consist of one software application operating in isolation. In most cases the solution consists of a number of integrated applications working together. This presents a number of challenges to organisations deploying such solutions:

• Complex applications requiring highly specific skill sets;

• Complex integrations between multiple software vendors’ products;

• Vendor support limitations when dealing with integration issues.

Kalibre’s Solution Support Programs address these challenges by providing a holistic support, maintenance and ongoing development program for Micro Focus Software monitoring solutions. Going beyond the normal break/fix software support model, the Programs deliver tangible business benefits by ensuring that the monitoring solution is not only well maintained, but also continuously developed to meet changing business needs.

Rapid Deployments

We offer rapid deployment services around specific applications in the Micro Focus Software portfolio. These rapid deployments are focused on providing a cost-effective solution with fixed deliverables and timeframes.

Leveraging our extensive experience, Kalibre’s rapid deployments accelerate your return on investment and deliver instant-on value.

This service has been designed based on a wealth of experience with implementations of Network Node Manger and Operations for Windows. The Micro Focus Express Install consists of the installation and configuration of Network Node Manager, Operations for Windows and notification software to provide full monitoring and notification capability in just 5 days. The inclusive cost includes the following:

  • NNM 250 node license
  • Operations for Windows Express Edition license
  • Notification/paging software license
  • Customization of Operations for Windows policies to suit your environment
  • 5 days on-site with senior consultant
  • Detailed installation report

System Assessments

Kalibre provides structured system review and assessment services for selected Micro Focus Software applications.

Focused on mapping the systems effectiveness against your business requirements, the assessment outcome is a report detailing the health of the system and recommendations on opportunities for improvement.

Product Upgrades

One of the challenges organisations face with monitoring systems is keeping up to date with new software releases for the deployed applications.

Kalibre can assist by providing an analysis of the possible upgrade paths and advising on the best way forward. We can also assist with the upgrade process, providing detailed implementation plans, and performing the upgrades with minimal downtime.

Customised Training

Kalibre can design, develop and deliver custom training courses around the Micro Focus Software solutions that we deploy. We work closely with you to identify the target audience for each course, and therefore the content required.

We produce tailored course materials and laboratory exercises, then deliver the courses on your premises to minimise the disruption to your personnel.

Event Correlation

Kalibre has extensive experience in developing customised correlations.
Correlations have been developed for fault monitoring of telecommunications equipment, normalisation of alarms from multiple disparate sources, and for fault enrichment.

Micro Focus Network Automation Custom Driver Development

The Micro Focus Network Automation product provides support for thousands of network device types from a wide variety of vendors, but the list is far from exhaustive. For devices that are not supported by out of the box device drivers, Micro Focus provides development tools to enable a custom driver to be produced.

Our consultants are skilled in the development of these custom drivers, utilising a highly structured and cost effective methodology to establish requirements, followed by development and testing of the completed driver. Using the same test suite employed by Micro Focus internally, we can also assist you with submitting custom drivers to Micro Focus for inclusion in future product releases.

Service Retainers

Our retainer programs provide regular onsite consulting for your enterprise monitoring solutions.

Providing a guaranteed minimum number of days per month, these annual programs provide you with the flexibility of dedicated professional services time without the overhead required in raising multiple purchase orders for small projects and business as usual tasks.