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Microsoft System Center 2012 is an integrated management platform that helps you to easily and efficiently manage your datacenters, client devices, and hybrid cloud IT environments.

System Center 2012 offers comprehensive management of applications, services, physical resources, hypervisors, software defined networks, configuration, and automation in a single offering.

Kalibre deploy solutions for both Operations Manager and Orchestrator.

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Operations Manager, a component of Microsoft System Center 2012, is software that helps you monitor services, devices, and operations for many computers from a single console.

Businesses, small and large, are typically dependent on the services and applications provided by their computing environment. IT departments are responsible for ensuring the performance and availability of those critical services and applications.

That means that IT departments need to know when there is a problem, identify where the problem is, and figure out what is causing the problem, ideally before the users of the applications encounter the problems. The more computers and devices in the business, the more challenging this task becomes.

Using Operations Manager in the environment makes it easier to monitor multiple computers, devices, services, and applications. The Operations console enables you to check the health, performance, and availability for all monitored objects in the environment and helps you identify and resolve problems.

More about Operations Manager.

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Orchestrator is a workflow management solution for the data center. Orchestrator lets you automate the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources in your environment.

The Orchestration console is a web-based tool with which an operator can perform the following functions in System Center 2012 – Orchestrator:

  • View a list of runbooks and runbook servers.
  • View the current running status and history of runbooks.
  • View high-level definition of runbooks.
  • Start and stop runbooks.
  • View events that runbook servers and the management server create.

The functions that you can perform in the Orchestration console is a subset of the functions in the Runbook Designer, but you can run the Orchestration console from any computer with a browser without requiring installation of a separate tool.