Built around HPE’s industry leading products, our solutions provide full visibility of your network topology and infrastructure. Downtime is dramatically reduced through best-of-breed root cause analysis coupled with dynamic discovery of your network devices and their interconnectivity.

Our network automation solutions enable you to track, regulate and automate configuration and software changes across your entire network infrastructure. Security vulnerabilities are automatically detected and fixed before they impact your network, decreasing risk and reducing downtime.

Our network automation solutions can assist you to

  • Bring your network into compliance with corporate or regulatory standards through automated software, configuration and run-time diagnostics that can prevent compliance violations before they occur.
  • Increase your visibility and control over multi-vendor networks, reducing the manual misconfigurations that are the cause of the majority of security breaches and network outages.
  • Manage your virtual devices, interfaces and device contexts just like you do for all your physical network devices.
  • Improve your network security by detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities before they affect the network, using an integrated security alert service.
  • Enable disaster recovery through a centralised repository of software images and configurations.  New device provisioning is completed quickly and consistently.
  • Manage your remote network devices from a central location using secure protocols.

Our experienced consultants work with you to analyse your requirements, architect and design a solution, deploy the software and train your personnel.  Kalibre can also provide ongoing support, maintenance and solution development services if required.

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