Virtualisation-icon-with-textVirtualisation enables organisations to pool and share hardware resources, resulting in:

  • fewer servers;
  • reduced overhead;
  • faster deployment;
  • increased responsiveness to changing business needs.

With this comes a new set of challenges for effective monitoring and management of the virtual infrastructure.  As organisations become more reliant on virtual infrastructure the need for comprehensive and proactive monitoring of virtual resources becomes vital.

Our virtualisation monitoring solutions team HPE Software with Veeam’s industry-leading VMware monitoring plug-in, providing 100% integrated monitoring of your virtualised environments. These solutions provide out-of-the-box thresholds, event suppression and a detailed knowledge base to empower your operations staff without specialised virtualisation expertise or additional training.

Utilising a distributed architecture coupled with centralised management of monitoring configuration, our solutions provide enterprise-class scalability and performance.

Turnkey Solutions

Leverage existing HPE Operations investment or deploy a complete turnkey solution

Whether you have an existing deployment of HPE Operations that you are looking to leverage with the addition of the nworks solution, or you are looking for a complete solution, Kalibre can help.
Kalibre can design a solution to fit your business needs whilst remaining cost effective and delivering rapid results.

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VMware Monitoring

VMware Monitoring with HPE Software Operations Manager

Kalibre makes use of best of breed software solutions combined with proven deployment methodologies to provide effective solutions for monitoring VMware virtual infrastructure.

HP Operations is an award winning and comprehensive event management, proactive performance monitoring, and automated alerting, reporting and graphing solution for Windows, Linux and UNIX systems, middleware and applications.

The Veeam nworks Smart Plug-In for for VMware is a complete HPE Operations integration that implements distributed monitoring and management of VMware Server™ infrastructure. The SPI for VMware provides availability, performance, capacity, configuration, and event tracking.

The Veeam nworks Smart Plug-in for VMware

  • Agentless Architecture -no agents to deploy
  • Uses the VI API -the VMware approved and endorsed method
  • Gathers 300 VMware-specific metrics, properties and events including CIM SMASH hardware sensor metrics (e.g. temperature, voltage, fan speed)
  • Flexible collection intervals
  • Dynamic Service Map, at-a-glance views showing which VMs are connected to which data stores
  • Auto-discovery of ESX Servers
  • Preconfigured policies
  • Adaptive thresholds (Smart Plug-in for Operations Manager for Windows)
  • Stop, Start, Snapshot a VM from Operations Manager
  • HP Certified Smart Plug-in

Rapid Deployments

Rapid and cost effective deployment

With over ten years experience in designing, deploying and supporting effective IT infrastructure monitoring solutions, Kalibre can help your organisation to quickly realise the business benefits of effective virtual infrastructure monitoring through analysis and design of a management solution to meet your business needs; rapid deployment of the HPE/Veeam solution; customised training of your administration and operations personnel; ongoing maintenance, development and support of the deployed solution.

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