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Solutions that deliver real business value

We are a software and professional services company specialising IT Services & Infrastructure monitoring and Business Intelligence solutions.

From small, single system deployments to complex whole-of-business systems, we provide solutions that are on time, on budget and deliver real value to the business.

Solutions include Kalibre Operations Bridge & Performance Management, Micro Focus OBM, Kalibre Insight Dashboard, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Motorola Radio System Monitoring, Automated Network Monitoring & Disaster Recovery & Data Protection.

Our services range from system assessments and deployments to a full breadth solution including requirements analysis, solution architecture and design, implementation and deployment reinforced with the Kalibre Academy online training, onsite consultations & Kalibre Solutions Support

Kalibre Operations Bridge &
Performance Management

Web based customer portals deployed to present system health & network performance information online via Operations Bridge Manager, Kalibre Insight Dashboard and Performance Reports.

Operations Bridge Manager consolidates data, reducing the number of events the operators need to process, speeding root cause analysis.

Kalibre Insight Dashboard displays system health and performance data at multiple levels including system-wide, site, agency and talk group level, incorporating interactive performance metrics and geographical views with advanced overlays, predictive analytics and system notifications. 

Performance Reports leverage the full power of your operational data with Tableau’s powerful self service analytics platform. Interactive data visualisations display historical performance data that’s easy to understand, easily filtered and shared, putting operational data into the hands of all business users. 

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Micro Focus OBM

Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager provides a single monitoring console across your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Consolidate all of your monitoring into a central console, with a single view of system availability and capacity across your entire network. Minimising the number of events that operators need to process. 

Event correlation rules relate root cause events automatically as the events are received, reducing the number of events that operators need to process, and speeding root cause analysis.

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Kalibre Insight Dashboard

Kalibre Insight Dashboard

Gain near-real-time visibility into critical performance data to quickly identify issues and take immediate action

The Kalibre Insight Dashboard developed by Kalibre displays near real time & historical system health and performance data at a system-wide, site, agency and talk group level.
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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Kalibre is a Tableau Partner, we can deploy an enterprise-grade secure, governed and scaled analytics solution. We partner with our clients to leverage the full power of their operational data and provide business insights that are readily available across your entire organisation. 

Tableau is a powerful self-service analytics platform that provides analytics and data visualisations with endless data exploration, that empowers business users with the data they need to answer questions, share insights and collaborate with their team and organisation. 

Reports can be created for different levels of access, Management, NOCC, individual agencies or end users.  The reports are designed to present business information in a more meaningful context that’s relevant to the different system users. 

Users can access reports at any time based on user access and share with other approved system users, enhancing collaboration and improving visibility of business information.  

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Motorola Radio System Monitoring

Genesis-based solutions provide live health views of trunked radio networks, monitor system utilisation and performance, collect, archive and report on network usage, and provide customer care, billing and ID management services.

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Automated Network Monitoring 

Comprehensive network monitoring solutions for networks servicing small to medium enterprises up to large scale carrier networks comprising tens of thousands of devices.

Our network automation solutions enable you to track, regulate and automate configuration and software changes across your entire network infrastructure. Security vulnerabilities are automatically detected and fixed before they impact your network, decreasing risk and reducing downtime.

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Disaster Recovery & Data Protection

Disaster Recovery & Data Protection solutions to ensure your critical business data is protected.

Solutions include Veeam Backup & Replication System, HYCU Nutanix and Zerto.

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