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Leverage the full power of your data

by empowering every single user in your organisation

Kalibre is a Tableau Partner, we can deploy an enterprise-grade secure, governed and scaled analytics solution. We partner with our clients to leverage the full power of their operational data and provide business insights that are readily available across the entire organisation.

Tableau is a powerful self-service analytics platform that provides analytics and data visualisations with endless data exploration, that empowers business users with the data they need to answer questions, share insights and collaborate with their team and organisation.

Shared Insight & Collaboration

Self-service analytics enables greater user access to data to answer their own questions and make faster and better decisions. It fosters collaboration with the ability to easily share insights with team members and ensures that the data driving those decisions is secure, accurate & trusted.

Easy to Understand Analytics

Data visualisations help close the gap between the analyst and the business user, making analytics easy to understand and put data into hands of all business users. Data visualisations present data with interactive charts, graphs and maps. By presenting data visually, it leverages the natural ability of the brain to think visually, understand the data and draw insights faster.

Easy to Use Interface

Tableau was rated by Gartner as the highest ease of use product in the BI marketplace. An intuitive user interface design means it’s easy for users to learn how to use, quickly gain insights, and answer questions, increasing the success of deployments and user adoption at all skill levels.

Enterprise grade security,
governance & deployment flexibility

Tableau provides enterprise-grade security, governance, deployment flexibility and management to empower IT departments.

Tableau solutions can be stand alone or part of a larger deployment such as Kalibre Insight Operations Bridge & Performance Management, a Systems Health & Network Performance Monitoring solution that incorporates Kalibre Insight Operations Bridge, Kalibre Insight Dashboard and Tableau Performance Reports.

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Flexible Deployments

Deploy analytics the way you want them deployed. Tableau provides the flexibility to integrate with your existing data infrastructure and preferred technology vendors.

We can deploy Tableau for clients on premise and seamlessly integrate data from any application, system or data source across your entire organization, or deploy on public cloud with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

  • Deployment – On premises, public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud)
  • Platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac, Web, Mobile
  • Data Sources – Files, Databases, Big Data, Cloud & Apps
  • Query – Connect to live data or bring data in from memory

For a full list of data sources visit Tableau Technical Specifications

Governed & Secure

Governance is critical when deploying self-service analytics. Governance helps an organisation define the right balance of flexibility and control to ensure that the right data is put in the hands, of the right business users. It enables users to access secure and trusted data, whilst maintaining the security and integrity of the data.

IT administrators have the flexibility to implement security within databases with database authentication, within Tableau with permissions, or a hybrid approach of both.

Authentication – Keep content secure and manage authentication at the user level by integrating Tableau with your existing security protocols with Active Directory, OAuth or another standard. Kalibre can also assist with 2FA options and authentication at the load balancer layer.

Authorisation – Refers to how and what users can access on Tableau Server after the user has been authenticated. Define who should access to content at any level you need, Tableau sites, data sources, projects, workbooks, sheets and dashboards.

Assign different levels of access to view, interact or edit content to groups that are then applied to users who are members of groups or add permissions for individual users.

Enterprise Scaled Analytics

The demand for analytics and business data is growing and it’s critical that the analytics platform you select can scale for future capacity meet your organisations growing requirements.

Whether your building a platform for a small team or an entire organisation, Tableau licensing provides flexible scaling; allowing your organisation to add capacity by adding additional users or adding more hardware resources.

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Cultivate a data driven culture with

Tableau Blueprint

To drive data transformation, it takes more than just a new analytics platform. Organisations need an agreed analytics strategy with buy in from the different stakeholders in your organisation, users who will champion the new analytics platform and education and communication to support users and promote the use of data analytics to make business decisions throughout the organisation.

The Tableau Blueprint is an actionable step-by-step guide to becoming a data-driven organisation.It will help guide your organisation to define your analytics strategy and identify the right people within your organisation to help make it happen.

The Tableau Blueprint is based on three core competencies, Analytics Proficiency, Agile Deployment & User Community. Kalibre can work with your organisation to guide you through these steps to help you deploy Tableau successfully at scale and build these capabilities within your organisation.

The Tableau Blueprint is a flexible guide that can be adapted to suit our customer requirements.

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The Governance step of the Blueprint will help define the controls, roles and processes to create trust and confidence in your data and help determine the appropriate content for different audiences.

Agile Deployment

The Agile deployment section will guide your IT department to establish a secure environment for launch and put processes in place to monitor and maintain the environment to maintain agility and ensure the environment runs at peak performance.

Analytics Proficiencey

Analytics proficiency involves educating business users with resources and measuring usage to scale Tableau across the entire organisation.

User Community

Focussing on User Community creates an environment where business users can grow and thrive using Tableau through communication, engagement activities and support.

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