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Kalibre Academy provides customers with remote online training

With the increase in employees working remotely and requirements around COVID19 in the workplace, our customers can now provide their employees with remote online training to continue to extract the best value from the solutions we deploy.

The Kalibre Academy provides the following features:

  1. Flexible Online Training
  2. Self-paced learning modules with the ability to pause and replay
  3. Management Reports on user progress
  4. Employees can participate in training remotely
  5. Ongoing access to training content with annual support renewals

In the past training courses have been conducted on the customer premises to minimise the disruption to personnel. The Kalibre Academy provides our customers with a flexible learning solution during the COVID19 pandemic, and provides the following benefits:

  1. Reduced learning time
  2. Self-paced learning modules
  3. Improved employee retention of training topics
  4. Less resistance or apprehension regarding new technology/deployment
  5. Empower management with access to training and user reports to track user progress
  6. Improved User Experience of the deployed solution
  7. Fits in with your employees work commitments
  8. Ensures training consistency and standardization

Unfortunately, change is hard to accept without seeing the visible advantages of it, and mind shift issues are one of the biggest issues when considering change management.

Training not only provide employees with the knowledge to use new technology but can also highlight the advantage and benefits of the deployment, and will help to encourage the mind shift required in your employees for a successful implementation.

The Kalibre Academy is a feature of the Kalibre Solutions Support Program, a flexible learning solution available anytime and any location.